Advancing Next Generation of Antibody-based therapeutics

Welcome to Valor Biotherapeutics

Valor Biotherapeutics is a joint venture between ImmunGene, Inc. and Caliber Biotherapeutics, LLC focused on the clinical development and commercialization of next generation of monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics to treat cancer.

ImmunGene engineers novel antibody-cytokine fusion proteins that maximizes the potential of new and established therapeutic classes

ImmunGene technology allows fusing cytotoxic cytokines to antibodies to selectively target disease causing cells and tissues while reducing the systemic toxicity of the cytokines. This versatile fusion system genetically links IFNa, a clinically validated tumor killing cytokine, with monoclonal antibodies. ImmunGene is also advancing its own pipeline of next-generation antibody-based candidates with best-in-class potential to address multiple unmet needs in oncology.

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Caliber is focused on discovery and development of protein-based therapeutics for multiple indications

Caliber Biotherapeutics, LLC is a biotechnology company based in Bryan, Texas. Company is focused on developing innovative protein-based therapies that improve outcomes for patients with cancer and other diseases. Company is poised to address unmet medical needs through excellence in research, preclinical and clinical development with an objective to develop and commercialize its products in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

The company is also a leader in Nicotiana benthamiana plant based expression and manufacturing of recombinant proteins. The Company is leveraging the plant technology with other complementary technologies to create a compelling pipeline of biological product candidates. Caliber has built the world’s largest manufacturing facility for production of biologics through their plant manufacturing platform. Caliber’s technologies are being supported by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institution of Texas (CPRIT), DARPA, and by a several Texas based investors.